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Simena offers several products and solutions that can handle complex tasks at reasonable prices. Designed by experienced network engineers, Simena appliances allow clients to modify the contents, integrity, and transmission characteristics of data packets over any network protocol. The patent-pending technology also helps clients to emulate network conditions and forecast bandwidth requirements in a controlled laboratory environment, optimizing product performance in multi-user/multi-site deployments. The products will always be unique in technology and implementation, which will help the company to stay on top of a rapidly growing market. In addition, Simena always has new product ideas under development.

Designed by experienced network engineers, these reliable and portable products help you to test all possible scenarios with easy to use web based user interfaces.

Network Emulators Network Emulators
Network Emulators enable software developers and network engineers to determine how their products or services would perform under various network conditions such as bandwidth, latency, congestion, etc.
Traffic Generators Traffic Generators
Traffic Generators are unique test equipment for proactive and effective tests. Traffic Generators are portable, 10 Gigabit Ethernet speed, multi-user and multi-port appliances with fiber and/or copper based gigabit interfaces.
Packet Flow Switch Packet Flow Switch
Packet Flow Switch is a network appliance that can be used as a tool aggregator, traffic consolidator, traffic divider for multiple destinations, or as a matrix switch.
Network Taps Network Taps
Simena's Network Taps are part of Simena's complete monitoring solution.
Software Development Kit Software Development Kit
Simena Software Development Kit (SDK) is a complete Simena system with various programming libraries and tools for developing custom test solutions.
Product Briefs Product Briefs
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