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Initially Raisecom delivered to the carrier market an innovative high reliability line of Ethernet copper to fiber media converters. Rapidly we gained notoriety and major market share in countries around the globe. We continue to uphold our strong reputation for developing uniquely design high-quality carrier class products.  Over the years we have won and continue to win countless industry awards and recognition. With our successes in the Asia Pacific and European markets, Raisecom has rapidly grown to over a thousand employees with annual revenue exceeding $100 million. Today, Raisecom is making its North American debut by serving the US carrier market’s need for high quality broadband products with exceptional price performance.

Raisecom has acquired ISO9001:2000 certification for R&D, Production, Technical Support and Marketing Department to ensure its quality and efficiency. It also has the products certified by CE, RoHS, WEEE, UL, and CSA and so on in order to provide reliable and eligible devices while protecting the environment. In 2007, Raisecom has become an MEF member and has its Ethernet product lines certified by MEF recommendations in order to standardize the Ethernet devices and increase interoperability with other vendors’ equipment. Raisecom participates in the world’s most important telecom fairs and exhibitions every year, such as CeBIT, Sviaz EXPO, PT EXPO, Convergence India, and CommunicAsia, and would always love to welcome its customers and friends to join together, develop together, and grow together.

Raisecom proudly presents more than 10 telecom access product lines including Carrier Ethernet, Ethernet Demarcation Device, GEPON, Ethernet Switch, and legacy PDH, SDH and PCM Multiplxer equipment to fulfill Carrier's and Service Provider's requirement for telecom access network.

Carrier Ethernet Carrier Ethernet
Although emerged as a Local Area Network technology, Ethernet has experienced exponential growth nowadays. Carriers and Service Providers are offering more and more
Ethernet Demarcation Device Ethernet Demarcation Device
To coordinate with the new generation MPLS network and PTN backbone, Raisecom offers Ethernet Demarcation Devices fulfilling the high requests on service level applications.
Ethernet Switch Ethernet Switch
Ethernet is becoming the transport network technology rather than the original LAN technology, and customers are looking forward to carrying Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic on Carrier Ethernet.
TDM over IP TDM over IP
Raisecom carrier grade TDM over IP gateways provide ideal and complete solutions for extending legacy TDM services over Packet Switched Networks such as Ethernet, MPLS or IP networks.
OPCOM100-2C is Raisecom's 2-channel Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing devices, combining up 2 independent service channels (four CWDM wavelengths) onto a single-strand fiber.
PDH Multiplexer PDH Multiplexer
PDH Multiplexer optical transmission products use industry-leading technology and a dedicated ultra-large scale integrated circuits, developed with a dedicated digital multiplexer chip.
SDH Multiplexer SDH Multiplexer
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) is still the foremost transmission infrastructure technology, with the huge and tremendous investment and countless users everywhere.
Raisecoms Multi-Service Access Platform offers a winning deployment strategy for any operators, carriers and service providers with SDH application or relying on SDH based access network for their service delivery.
PCM series product family applies to the subscribers' access of PSTN public network, and such professional networks as electricity power network, railway networks, oil and gas pipelines networks, and military networks, as well as the connection of DDN, and that of Internet.
IPDSLAM stands for Internet Protocol Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer. User traffic is mostly IP based.
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