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VeEX Inc
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Unique and Different.

Developing next generation communication equipment.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, VeEX provides innovative solutions for next generation networks.

VeEX core expertise and product lines range from DSL, Broadband and Cable TV to Metro and Next Generation Transport Networks.

The VeEX team brings simplicity to tomorrow's networks.

AT/CX/CM Series AT/CX/CM Series
The VeEX® AT/CX/CM series are next generation test solutions designed for analog and digital cable TV networks supporting VoIP, WiFi, and Internet service.
BX Series BX Series
The VeEX® BX series products support ADSLx installation and maintenance. Triple Play features include VoIP, IPTV, Web Browser, WiFi, and NetWiz.
FX Series FX Series
The VeEX® OTDR solutions are optimized for today's optical fiber networks.
MX Series MX Series
The VeEX® MX product series offer a complete test solution for Metro Ethernet network installation and maintenance.
RXT Series RXT Series
With extreme modularity and an open platform concept, the RXT defines the test set of the future.
TX Series TX Series
The VeEX® TX product series offers a complete test solution for Next Generation of Transport, Metro and Carrier Ethernet Testing.
UX Series UX Series
The VeEX® UX series includes the robust UX400 Universal Expert.
MTT Series MTT Series
The MTT (Modular Test Toolkit) Series gives field personnel an all-in-one, low-cost platform for installing, verifying, and troubleshooting a wide variety of service technologies.
VeSion VeSion
VeEX's VeSion is a Cloud-Based, One System Platform, representing the next step in innovation for Network Monitoring.
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