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VeEX Inc
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Unique and Different.

Developing next generation communication equipment.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, VeEX provides innovative solutions for next generation networks.

VeEX core expertise and product lines range from DSL, Broadband and Cable TV to Metro and Next Generation Transport Networks.

The VeEX team brings simplicity to tomorrow's networks.

Broadband DSL Broadband DSL
VePAL BX100A+ ,CX40
VePAL CX380/CX380-D3 , VePAL CX350 , VePAL CX180+/CX180-D3+ , VePAL CX150+/CX150-D3+ , VePAL CX120+ , VePAL CX110+ , VePAL CX100+ , CX40 ,CX10/CX10+ , CX180F , CX180R
Software Solutions Software Solutions
PESQ Server,VX1000
Transport Transport
VePAL UX400 , VePAL TX300S , VePAL TX300M , VePAL TX300/e , VePAL TX150/e+ , VePAL TX130M+ , VePAL TX130/e+ , MC100/MC1000
Fiber Fiber
Metro/Ethernet Metro/Ethernet
Media Converters Media Converters
MC100/MC1000 Media Converters
Sunrise Telecom Division Sunrise Telecom Division
Sunrise Telecom Products to remain in production: Products not listed below are either discontinued or have limited availability.
Agizer Agizer
Testing a fiber optics installation is a tricky process involving many rules and players like advanced fiber optic test equipment and state-of-the-art software.
Optixsoft Optixsoft
OptixSoft offers a full range of specialized software development services, from GUI and custom utilities for equipment to embedded software development for Windows CE and Linux, to firmware and device driver development.
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