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NetworkFX ConNIE
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ConNIE (Converged Network Impairment Emulator)

NetworkFX ConNIE is a network appliance that provides a comprehensive set of impairments to emulate a wide range of network conditions that can affect application performance.  These impairment conditions include delay, dropped packets, duplicate, reorder, error, modify, bandwidth limiting, congestion effects, link failures and route flapping.

ConNIE recreates dynamic and time varying impairments (TVI) such as latency, packet loss, jitter and packet reordering that occur naturally in IP networks. This type of testing is very important in order to determine how products and services can be expected to perform under ‘real world’ conditions.


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Industry Standard Network Model Industry Standard Network Model
A separate option, the TIA model-based network emulation (TIA Test Suite option) is available that provides a standards-based test platform for testing voice, data and video devices and applications
IPTV Test Suite IPTV Test Suite
A successful IPTV deployment requires careful planning and an indepth understanding of the many variables that can affect a users Quality of Experience.
IP Wave IP Wave
IP Wave is a low cost software based network impairment emulator that allows you to test a distributed application for proper performance in a lab or office setting under precise controlled
CaptureFX Utility CaptureFX Utility
CaptureFX allows you to capture network conditions such as latency, loss and jitter from a live network to use with the ConNIE Network Impairment Emulator.
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