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QoE Systems offers a speech software suite package that puts a dedicated graphical user interface on top of the PESQ algorithm. This economical speech quality assessment solution can be used for quality assessment of speech in components, devices and networks alike, determining the various degradation effects.
The software suite is a file based solution requiring the user to provide both the reference signal file and the degraded test file for analysis. QoE Systems ’ software solution is a feature rich windows program that provides control and results display functionality to the underlying algorithm that is included with the program.
The software suite deploys the officially licensed PESQ algorithm that is in full compliance with the appropriate ITU standards and patents from BT, KPN and Psytechnics. The user will be able to obtain test scores after providing both the original reference file and the degraded results file to the program. As a result the program provides graphical and numerical displays including the MOS rating, Frequency differences, Level difference, MOS score vs. time, etc. for a detailed insight into the signal quality.
Q-Master Speech Software
Deals with the quality assessment aspect of communication devices using perceptual analysis capabilities as defined by ITU-T P.862
Q-Master Video Software
Speech software suite package that puts a dedicated graphical user interface on top of the PESQ algorithm

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